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Life Insurance


Get over a dozen life insurance quotes from one local, experienced agency.

Shopping for Life Insurance Just Got Easier

We’ll help you determine the coverage you need and tell you which insurance companies are offering the best rates. We can help with several different types of life insurance from basic term to buy-sell funding.

Here are some of the companies we offer:

AAA Life – Allianz – Banner Life – John Hancock – MetLife – Minnesota Life – Mutual of Omaha – Nationwide – Pacific Life – And more

Life Insurance Coverage

Term Life – The lowest cost type of life insurance. The policy is issued with a set term up front, usually 10, 20, or 30 years.

Whole Life – A permanent policy that accrues cash value at a certain interest rate.

Universal Life  – A flexible policy that features many of the benefits of both term and whole life.

Limited Underwriting Term Life – Term life policies that do not require full underwriting and medical exams prior to issue.

Return of Premium Term Life – A term policy that returns the premiums paid and the end of term, if the policy is never used.

Buy-Sell Funding – Life insurance to fund buy-sell agreements between partners on property, businesses, and more.

And much more

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